Seeing as I made a list of things I couldn’t live without travelling with, what items didn’t I need in Thailand? (as I thought whilst drinking coconut water)


1) Jumper – its never been outside of my bag at all and have remained in the dark and dank bottomless pit ever since it got packed. It’s far too hot here man. But I’m sure when i go into the mountains of Vietnam, it’ll make a showing.


2) A huge bag of medicines – I’ve yet to break into them. The only thing medicine wise was applying antiseptic cream on a deep scratch.


3) Flip flops – only used them once, only because I couldn’t be bothered to pull out my sandals out of my bag. Since then, I’ve never used them.


And that’s about it so far. I seem to use everything I have! It shows I have packed well 🙂


What items didn’t you need?