So, after 2 weeks of travel in Bangkok and Ko Tao, I began to think of the stuff I was carrying around with me. What could I have not survived without?


1) Headlamp – as predicted, this came in very useful for interrupting ‘private‘ moments on the beach. Actually, it was useful for everything to light up my way back to the hostel, fumbling for stuff in my locker or rucksack in the dark while everyone is asleep and also for reading a book. It’s so nice to have it on my head rather than holding it with one hand and searching with another.


2) Padlock – I have 3 actually. I have valuables with me and I certainly do not want to leave any in my bag so in most places there are lockers available. The problem? They don’t come with padlocks so having 3 gave me a wide variety! The best thing abut my padlocks is that they are combination locks. So I don’t have to worry about losing a key to them all the time and find myself using my raw brute strength to prise open the locker.


3) Sandals – I’ve taken 4 pairs of footwear but none so useful as my size 14 sandals. I’ve worn it most days and I frown on those who walk in just flip flops all day…it’s bad for your foot arch support. It’s hot, sweaty and open toed footwear is a welcome relief for sturdiness, support…I’m talking rubbish here but I cannot emphasise the importance of these items to me. So much so that I am very afraid to leave them on the steps outside of residences and wats in case they get pinched..


4) iPad – definitely useful for my blogging work. It’s also light, compact and go messy trailing wires everywhere.


5) Rucksack – probably my most useful item, how else I’m going to carry everything round?


6) Travel Towel – a present from Ann, my housemate from uni, this dries out faster than a blink of an eye after a hot steamy shower with a rub down of this fabled towel. It’s very thin, very compact and never smells. Win win!


What are your most useful items?