After a bloody fantastic day of snorkelling in the clear blue coral waters of Ko Tao, it certainly didn’t end there.

We were headed to our final stop of the Snorkelling tour and this was the island that was presented to us.

Due to personal reasons, I will not be revealing the name of this island. I would absolutely hate for this to be identified and then try to build developments there on this it Eco island. If you can figure it out where it is, go there and let it be your own slice of paradise.

Landing there, we were told not to bring any bottles or cans with us and this island totally bans any plastic or metal on the shore. This was shaping up to be my kind of island. I love it when a place, especially a slice of Thailand, takes its environment so seriously. After all, I am an environmental consultant in waiting.

Stepping on the shore with Hu, we made our way down to the white sandy beach and took our snorkelling gear with us as we were told there were many sights to be seen in the waters. And they right and didn’t disappoint.

Looking after our bags while Hu did some snork, I took in the natural beauty of the place and actually thought ‘paradise!’ The sun was beating down and probably for the first time ever on my travels, I could feel my brain actually relax and not think too much in detail of everything. I closed my eyes and listened to to the lapping of the sea on the sand.


A shadow falling across the lids of my closed eyelids, I opened them to find a dripping wet Hu, who claimed that I must get into the water and experience the coral delights myself. So I did.

This was probably the best coral outcropping that I visited and saw so many marine life. I was lost for words and through gob smacked eyes, I watched as a school of fish swam around me and kiss my whole body, this was an experience definitely to be had.


I absolutely adored how ecofriendly the island was and there were many messages displayed across the island either in writing or in person by the locals that run it.

As the sun started setting, I wanted to look again around the island and actually make my brain believe what my eyes were seeing. It was truly paradise.

I was pretty disappointed that we had to leave and as I walked up the gangway to look back at the island, I made it my mission to come back here again in my lifetime…perhaps sooner rather than later.

Climbing back on the boat, Hu and I watched the island slowly disappear off the horizon as we sailed back to port on Ko Tao.

Ko Tao, thanks for giving me my own slice of paradise.