Arriving at the Buddy Oriential Resort, where the Nomads Club Asia hostel can be found within, you can’t help feel that you struck it lucky.

It’s plush…VERY PLUSH.

There are 2 6 bed dorms available and each comes with its own bathroom, secure lockers and AC.

The amenities around, which can be found just metres away from Lamai Beach, has a lot to offer whether it is a supermarket, bars, massage shops, travel shops and many more.

The resort has 2 swimming pools, one within and another one just yards from he beach that you can look out across.

There is a bar and coffee shop available on the premises that you can sit in their lounge overlooking the courtyard where the hotel is based.

Also, in the lounge, you can have access to Internet for free and if you ask rather nicely, the staff can give you free print outs of anything you need printing.

I had a great quiet night’s sleep in the 2 nights I was based there and enjoyed taking advantage of the amenities on offer.

Also, there is a travel tour desk that you can use to book any day trips as I did when I went on a Jungle Safari Tour, which I enjoyed.

There are still teething problems as Nomads have recently established a hostel there and communication could be better but over time, this will get better and coupled with the very nice plushness of the hostel, I’m sure this has potential to be a great place to stay for backpackers.

Overall, I would like to give this hostel, 3/4 Rexy Stars.

If you would like to find out more about the hostel, please follow the link:

Nomads Club Asia – Ko Samui