9th April 2012


Still feeling fat as a pig from the fantastic and perhaps AWESOME cooking class yesterday, it was probably a good thing that I had a trek into the jungle booked led by the infamous Noom of SpicyThai Backpackers. I needed to burn that added waistline…


Normally, in the summer, I go on a walking holiday to get my treks sorted but in my summer holidays 2012, I’ll be in Australia perhaps trekking up the Blue Mountains.bah well, travelling is hard…


Leaping out of my bunkbed, strapping on my walking shoes, and getting my swimming gear and extra DEET (those pesky mozzies in Chiang Mai can be a killer), we all assembled outside and ready to get trekking!


But first of all, Noom wanted to initiate us in the art of insect eating. Passing a bag of them, I managed to eat crickets, worms and ‘assorted bugs’ as I called them. Tastes like chicken!


Walking into Doi Suthep National Park, it was really interesting to see how the park was managed and how you could find abandoned routes to reach to the top of the mountain where the fabled Wat Suthep resided.


It was certainly tough going and the sun reaching its plenith beat its rays on us as we reached noon. I might as well been swimming with the amount of sweat that was dripping off me. Calories are going from the 10 dishes I ate yesterday!


Reaching 3 quarters of the ways, we stopped off at a waterfall to cool ourselves down and reflect on what Noom taught us about the poisonous plants and the way the environment works in this national park.


However, our thoughts were soon distracted by a model shoot that was happening at the base. It was very very…suggestive as the girl posed extremely well with her assets. Taking the opportunity, we tried to get in the pictures much to the photographer’s annoyance.


Afterwards, I decided to wash my clothes of the sweat by showering in the waterfall, it was absolutely a blessing! I looked I was having a great time! And I did, particularly in the posing…


Carrying on with some rock climbing (no ropes!) and the possibility to drop to a brutal death, we finally arrived at the gorgeous Wat Suthep.


The famous Wat that is built on a site where an elephant stopped for the 3rd time on an ardous trek and promptly died holds a shining secret inside to make the other wats green with envy. It holds a real life golden pagoda that many Thai bless by walking around praying 3 times in order to bless whatever they are praying for, for good luck.


As we observed it, a hailstorm came thundering down and we were forced into alcoves not realised that the shoes we left at the porch was slowly filling with water. We all thought it was so funny!


Luckily, we managed to slide our way down Wat Suthep’s steps (don’t run up it if you value your lungs) and grabbed a tuk tuk back to the hostel for a much needed shower. A hot one even to get rid of the dried sweat and mud.


Trekking certainly was an experience! I ate bugs, found out about the flora, nearly died, swam in a waterfall, was in a photo shoot, and saw the biggest golden thing in my life. I think that’s all in a good day’s travelling!


Have you been on a trek in Chiang Mai?