23rd April 2012


Waking up feeling refreshed after getting tubed out yesterday, and then watching more episodes of Friends with our breakfast, none of us were in the mood for another tubing experience and wanted to do something else.


We heard from other people we met that there was a Blue Lagoon nearby with a Cave to explore in. So off we grabbed a tuk tuk to frolick into the Blue.


It was a pretty decent place when we arrived after a longish journey there and testing the lagoon, it was to our surprise that the water was completely ice cold and we loved it.

First of all, I wanted to check out the cave so I could build up a sweat and then jump into the water for some splash time.


Leonie, John, Alex and I checked out the cave. It’s a very steep climb to the top and I’d advise you to wear sturdy sandals or shoes rather than flip flops. You do not want to plummet to your death I’d reckon.


Equipped with our own head torches, we peered into the entrance and steadily climbed down into the cave into the warm stuffy air filled with dust. It was kinda creepy but on we plodded, noting markings on the walls and a pair of bloody handprints.


Then we came to a beautiful shrine to Buddha lit up by the light streaming down onto it from an outcropping to the outside world.

Feeling braver, both Leonie and I walked further into the cave, seeing old signs marked DANGER! But we walked past them anyway and found there to be drops into oblivion at some areas. The air became even more dusty and we were turned back on ourselves. Meeting a pair of Germans who claim there is another entrance that we could go out of, they pointed us in the direction.


We walked a bit further into the cave and noticed the cave walls to be glittering. It was pretty magical and entrancing until a moth the size of my head hit the side of my face. I screamed…like a girl running away from a Scream Killer. Leonie looked at me. I’m supposed to be the brave one. Well two can play that game.


Deciding it would be better to go back to the original entrance, we turned round and despite a fear that we were truly lost, we found our way. I kept telling Leonie I saw huge spiders and bats (not really) as she’s got a fear of bugs. She kept telling me to shut up and then came the piece de la resistance, I started squealing like a bat and ticked the top of her head lightly while her back was to me. Utterly freaking out, she called me lots of names under the sun and told me I was not to be her friend anymore! Oops! But it was totally worth it!


Finding the entrance, we climbed down and sweating like a pig we arrived back to the others who were worried about us as we were gone a long time and John and Alex returned before us!


Stripping to my swimwear, I jumped into the ice cold water and swam with fishes trying to take a nibble off me. Seeing a tree with platforms to jump off, I climbed to the highest (about 12m high), and had a little wobble when I looked down. You NEVER look down! With people forming a queue behind me, I had to do it.


I jumped.


And it was a long time to get down.


Splashed into the water, I shot deep into the river…perhaps it was a good idea to check the depth of the water first before jumping…but I went deep and never touched the bottom. Breaking the surface, I breathed deep and silently congratulated myself. I’m tough, mean and up for challenges!


Chilling out in the river and then swinging on a rope, we went back to town on a tuk tuk and got ready to go out to make up for last night!


We hit the Bucket Bar and the Smile Bar and a few others. It was a brilliant night as I knew this would be the last night, the Slowboat fellowship would be together as Leonie and Lauren are off to Vietnam, John and Alex are off to Cambodia leaving Muriel, Alannah and Matt and I to travel together throughout Laos down to 4000 islands.


Some of the bars are interesting as locals came with their pet monkeys or some trying to sell ‘substances‘…they came with a menu even!


Waving goodbye to John and Alex who went late at night to catch the bus, it was time for bed after a trip to the amazing Bakery Bar! Muriel was very happy with her cake!


Now what do I think about Vang Vieng?


Not decided, I’ve decided. I think I need to return to get a proper opinion and perhaps spend a few days tubing with my younger friends to get an idea for it but there are plenty of activities other than tubing in Vang Vieng and I will do them when I return. But never to be like the stoned, drunk and spaced out guys that I see stumbling around at 8am in the morning.


Vang Vieng! I shall return!


Have you gone caving in Vang Vieng?