1st May 2012

Still loving the temples of Angkor and taken aback by the beautiful sunrise over Angkor Wat itself showing its godlike presence, it was time for tomb raiding!

Why? One of the temples is called Ta Prohm and it’s where Tomb Raider was filmed with the delicious Lara Croft aka Angelina Jolie (I hate Brad Pitt).

Ta Prohm was part of the Grand Circuit that I did today that included Angkor Wat at sunrise and the many temples of Angkor Thom with its interesting designs and watching faces…

Check out the pics below and see if you can spot me doing impressions of Tomb Raider…they might traumatise you…But not me, I’m sexy and I know it.

Pretty cool hey?

I loved exploring the ruins and despite the sweltering heat, we managed to see loads but there were still plenty more temples to explore.

However, the phrase I coined did come to use when I finished Ta Prohm, I was pretty much ‘templed out!

But I hope that the new Tomb Raider movie does come back and film here again. The trees are absolutely immense!

Have you visited Angkor?