5th-8th May 2012

After a long day revisiting the atrocities of Cambodia’s dark past, the three of us definitely needed to chill out and get some happiness!

Spending the previous night having a few drinks with some Americans at the local rooftop bar (ending with one said American sitting bare arsed on Alannah’s bed next to her head..oh dear), we caught the morning bus lasting 4 hours to Sihankoville, Cambodia’s premier beach.

Heading to Otres Beach, one of Sihankoville’s 4 beaches, that is the quietest and more good looking beach, we booked ourselves in a fantastic establishment called Moonlight Rock. The staff there are so friendly and made you feel at home. Giving us a beer and running through the options, we were pretty much sold when he offered us 5 dollars for 3 nights! And definitely so when we had one of his tacos. They were the best tacos I’ve ever had in my life and I wanted to kidnap his cook.

Getting changed, we ran into the water and was promptly kicked back out. The waves are powerful man! Matt and I spent many an hour whooping as we jumped over the waves and tried to bodysurf the waves. It was goooooooooooood.

Soon the encroaching sunset arrived and gave us absolutely fantastic and panoramic views.

I wish I could say that I did lots of things productive in the 4 days I was there but actually, I didn’t do anything at all.

Actually, I lie. I woke up just after dawn the next 2 days and promptly headed off to the beach for a run, some press ups and sit ups. Then an early morning swim.

Maybe read a book or 2.

Best of all was that I was finally reunited with 2 of my travel mates from Laos. Remember Leonie and Lauren? They had just done Vietnam and entered Cambodia from there. We all caught up and I was intrigued to know their thoughts of Vietnam. After a long catch up over a meal overlooking the beach, we went to bed again because we wanted to be fresh eyed to party for Leonie’s birthday!

After a day of pure relaxation…and I mean pure relaxation as I decided to have a leg massage…hard skin removal off my feet…and a pedicure. I decided to be a girl for the day. The lady on the beach was more than happy to do it and she wanted to thread my legs. I drew the line at that. But the leg massage was brilliant. She kept calling me handsome (well duuuuuuuh obviously!) and I had to laugh when she had to bat away other ladies who wanted to offer their massage services to me whilst also calling me handsome. What an ego boost!

I also opted to buy a bracelet and many of the girls decided to have theirs made and thus our sunloungers were covered in reams and reams of threads!

Finally, that night, we grabbed a tuk tuk to the party beach and danced the night away in celebration for Leonie’s ’21st’ birthday. Happy birthday my dear!

We were joined by 2 people I met as well. Lucy and Dave, who stayed next door and I ended up chatting to him over a game of Jenga! And cards. Really, I didn’t do a lot!

Just as quickly as we got there, our time in Sihankoville came to an end. I really wanted to stay for a few more days but no, Vietnam beckoned…