16th May 2012


Don’t worry, Mum! I haven’t got one! You can breathe! I haven’t got any children…to my knowledge…


So what’s with the title? Well, see this picture below?


Meet Vietnam’s answer to Angkor Wat!


This place is called My Son due to legends surrounding this place. It used to be the burial places for the kings and Emperors of the Cham Dynasty that used to rule Central Vietnam. As you can see, like in Angkor Wat, Alannah and I took many many pictures of the ruins and also played in them! Check out the pictures.


We arrived there very early in the morning which meant a wake up call of 4.30am in the morningargh! We arrived with the view of My Son in the background and the sunrise showing Vietnam in its all it’s natural glory.



There are many attempts to restore the buildings. See the wall? Which one is the old wall and which is the restored wall? The restored wall holds the grouting and cement between the bricks. I wouldn’t have guessed that. Many people thought the restored wall was the old one. The Chams definitely bricklayer to last longer and more smarter!


I wish I could have brought something cultural to my mind but I confess I spent a lot of time trying to impress this blonde Dutch girl in my tour group…I failed. Even as we walked down the woods on this beautiful path..the Rex Charm must have not been working…well it was first thing in the morning…


We finally got back at 9am and managed to get our last fitting for our suits. They all fitted!



Here I am! Sorry for the scraggly beard…blame Alannah. I said I wouldn’t shave as long she doesn’t drink alcohol whilst in Vietnam thinking she would fail miserably, I was still surprised when she still kept to her word…


What do you think?


Seei as we pretty much wrapped up our time in Hoi An and that I managed to send some stuff back home via sea mail as my backpacker couldn’t close properly along with my shirts and suits, we booked our ticket to leave that afternoon to go to Hue! Alannah and I can be pleased as it was a ‘short‘ bus journey of 4 hours rather than the mammoth bus rides we have been on in Vietnam.


Having a small meal, we were off to spend the day in Hue! (pronounced Huay).


Watch this space!