16th – 17th May 2012


Armed with one of my suits and feeling satisfied for my time in Hoi An, I was eagerly awaiting Hue. I don’t know why but I especially wanted to go to Hue since reading about it.

An ancient capital serving Vietnam, it’s meant to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it didn’t disappoint.

Arriving after a 4 hour bus ride, I was still not beat with my map reading skills and managed to find the hostel where Alannah and I would be residing without having to get a taxi…get in!!! Wandering along the river, we were pretty much impressed with the place.

As we got there in late afternoon and feeling tired from all the travelling, Alannah and I, meeting up with John who had been on an easy rider motorbike experience, decided to stay in the hostel and have some nice western food!

But it wasn’t just any ordinary night, it was a special night. It was actually an anniversary night. For what? It was Alannah and mine’s 1 month anniversary of travelling together! So we celebrated in the best way possible and I managed to break Alannah’s alcohol ban. Does that mean I get to shave my beard? Not really, I liked the look of it so decided to keep it.

As we were only in Hue for the day, we went to the Old Imperial Palace grounds and the Forbidden City for a meander through the grounds. For me, I thought the place was beautiful and it was just so nice to do a simple spot of walking in the sun in a fantastic place. Check out the pics.


After a long time there, we came back to the hostel. We had been gone all day and we needed to ready for the epic 16 hour bus journey to Hanoi…oh dear.

But Hue? I loved it and was disappointed I had to go off as I was running out of time in Vietnam but next time, I will spend longer in Hue especially to go and see the royal tombs, which I hear is meant to be beautiful.

Have you been to Hue?