Here’s a Guest Post about Portugal and it’s exotic food. I am looking forward to Portugal May next year for a wedding after reading about this! Thanks to Nikolai Rudenko for this 🙂

Holidays are all about creating wonderful memories from doing what you enjoy the most – be it diving into crystal clear waters to explore a new world below the ocean’s surface, discovering exciting new city destinations, or sinking your toes into soft powdery sands. But let’s face it – one of the best things about going abroad is the chance to taste new flavours and enjoy old classics the way they should be done.

Portugal is alive with vibrant tastes and zingy flavours, from its heart-warming stews and fresh seafood to its cured meats, creamy cheeses and delicious sweet pastry-based treats.Many holidaymakers choose to visit the Algarve region in the South of Portugal to enjoy a week or two by the beach with plenty of sun, sea and sand on offer. Sadly though, customers are increasingly opting for all inclusive holidays in Algarve as a way of saving money on eating out – one of the first cut-backs amidst Europe’s troubled economy.


For those that choose to stay in an all inclusive hotel, they are missing out on a wealth of experiences that can make a good holiday perfect. But eating out needn’t be an expensive luxury. Whether you travel to Portugal with a recognised tour operator and book the likes of Thomas Cook package holidays, or make your own way there by low-cost flights and your own choice of accommodation, you can still enjoy the best of the region’s flavours without spending a fortune.


If you’re staying in a holiday resort, travel away from the well-trodden streets and into the lesser known towns and villages that surround the tourist hotspots. Join the locals in their favourite haunts and experience the true taste of Portugal at a reasonable price. You might not understand the menu – but that’s the whole point! Take a phrasebook, learn how to say your Ps and Qs, and enrich your holiday bydiscovering a side of Portugal that most simply bypass.