Greece. What is the world coming to for this country now. It’s calamitous finances have surely affected the travel industry there to the point where everyone is rushing to travel agents, waving their euro notes in the air, ready to book one of those extraordinary cheap package deals that have hit the travel waves in recent times. It’s bad for Greece.


Remembering fondly of the times I researched into Greek Mythology even when I was a little kid, I was pretty much enthused to go and visit the many landmarks that are mentioned by Homer or even in legends and tales passed down over the years. I’ve still yet to go and I still want to go. But maybe not. Why? They will be totally saturated by the tourists that have jumped on the bandwagon of cheap package deals that are seriously damaging the Greek tourism industry.


An article recently published by the Managing Director of Sunvil, Noel Josephides describes the state of Greek Tourism. Having read his article, I’m inclined to agree with him. I’m very much an advocate of ‘You get the Value of what you pay for.’ So it wouldn’t come as a much of a surprise for me if many customers will complain of the quality of their holiday.

Also, I’m in despair for Greece. As a cradle for civilisation, it will have lost its Prestige to a reputation of a cheap holiday that will devalue and debase the country itself.


Greece, where is Zeus when you need him to strike fear in the tour operators changing their pricing on the cheap? Perhaps, they’ve all gone to Hades already…