8th June 2012
After a great day of meeting up with Tom of TomarHawk exploring Kuala Lumpur for the afternoon, we met up with Allison, the Canadian I was with travelling to Malaysia and also a fellow gapper, Mark, to head to the Petronas Towers for a night time viewing experience after a scrumpticious street food meal.
The views are pretty astounding and I took far too many photos (of something else for a change rather than me!). We managed to get a proper good look at the towers from the Skybar at Traders Hotel. After getting a bit merry there and unsatisified with the service there, we did pay the bill but the bill book with our money was left unclaimed by the staff for a good hour…oh well they don’t want our money of which we paid extortionate prices for beers for. So off we toddled back down the lift….yes. We did a runner. Oops!
For the rest of the night, we headed back to our hostel to watch the Euro 2012 games.
Meanwhile, check out these pics of the Petronas Towers. Pretty beautiful don’t you think? I don’t think I appreciated a building so much.