11th June 2012
So after enjoying a special few days in Malaysia ending with a scrumpticious cooking class, the next day, with a slightly hungover head thanks to the football and also missing the bus after turning off my alarm clock against my own will, I arrived in Singapore later that day.
Staying at the Green Kiwi Backpackers, I settled in and had a quick nap. Then it was time to tick off the one thing on my bucket list with Singapore. Have a Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel. Arranging to meet up with Mark (from Kuala Lumpur), who was an hour late due to a mix up over buses, we were ready to sling it back in Singapore.
First off, here I am at Raffles Hotel (NOT to be confused with Raffles Place…everything in Singapore is named after Raffles).
It’s very very posh!
Check out the interior!
Check me out all shirted up!
Herte’s the legendary bar!
Amazing Colonial feel of the place. It’s so surreal being here!
We get given too many free peanuts that we are chomping away…what to do with the shells?
You sling them on the floor! It;s the thing to do! We kept stepping on the shells all evening long!
Hmmm, what to order…I know! A Singapore Sling!
Here’s the beauty of it!
So pleased to have it…but not so pleased that it costed $26 Singaporean Dollars…before tax….and service charge argh! The result, it’s actually rather tasty! Now that’s one thing ticked off my bucket list! Hooray!