11th June 2012

With a swift Singapore Sling from Raffles Hotel in our bellies, both Mark and I went to the Marina Bay Sands Complex, a very expensive and posh place, to climb up to the top of the building to the skybar itself!

Now, the view was absolutely amazing and I reckon it beat Bangkok at Night hands down!



Amidst the viewing, we tried to get our expensive drinks for free by forgetting to pay for the bill as we casually stood at the bar sipping our sweet nectar, whilst not making eye contact with the bar staff. This worked until 10 minutes later when they presented us with the bill. Damn! Another runner averted!

Then we decided that we were pretty hungry and went to the concierge…to ask where the nearest MacDonalds was. This was a place of wealth and expensive food and we asked for a fast food store. Don’t get me wrong, we were pretty hankering for a good Big Mac.

Finds a place, we wolfed them down and went to the nearest bar to watch the England v France game of the Euro 2012 footy! The place was absolutely packed to the brim with English and French people alike but we managed to find a table feeling pretty pleased with ourselves…until the waitress came by and said we needed to at least spend $40 (£20) to stay on the table. This followed with a very long discussion between Mark and I whether it was worth staying and then followed by which best drinks to get. We figured we would have a pint for each half of the game and then a pint for the pre match and a pint for afterwards, 1 pint costing $12. So then it would be 8 pints each. We couldn’t justify the cost until we saw one of the big bar taps (I forget the name)…see the pic below. It was worth it…

The game went by really well with a load of banter between the French and the English and we all drew collective groans when the score was 1-1. I hate a draw.

Heading back to my hostel via taxi, I thought Singapore at Night does offer a lot to do. It’s just a matter of finding it.

Now, I gotta think about what to do for my last day in SE Asia for the next day before heading off to AUSTRALIA!