20th June 2012


Happily destroyed my tonsillitis, so I thought, I decided to have a good wander around Cairns when I arrived back from Port Douglas. I knew I had Uncle Brian’s Tour booked for the next day so I was a bit at a loose end.


Port Douglas has been amazing in the last few days and I hoped that the good feeling would last into Cairns. The sun was shining, people were friendly, even the French people spoke to me…wow!


I ended up back in the chemist. Not the tonsillitis this time. A nasty mosquito bite infection gained from Malaysia still had not gone away despite my attempts to quell it. After a quick glance over by the doctor, he said it was on its way to healing so I should keep an eye on it. Okay, I’m happy with that.


I ended up chilling out on the esplanade watching the bands rock out all afternoon on the stage there. Munching on a bag of homemade dried pasta and water, it was truly a chill axing day to myself.


In the evening? I spent talking to a few German guys in my room discussing the politics of Europe. Very high brow I know. But I excused myself to go to the Woolshed Pub to meet up with some backpacker mates and back to bed early ready for the amazing news of Uncle Brian’s Tour. So I had been told by my SE Asia travel mate Alannah. She better bring the goods.


Cairns are go!