29th June 2012


After the day of sightseeing the Daintree Rainforest, it is time to see the end destination for us to reach to. Cape Tribulation.


But first, waking up to the movements of the Rainforest Campsite, we knew we would be going to the cape where Captain Cook’s ship crashed upon the coral reefs just offshore.


Upon the way, we stopped off at some pretty cool sights to visit along the way to the fabled cape.


Mason’s swimming hole, a family whose business has boomed in the north of the Daintree River, offering tours and destinations on their property. As we arrived just too early before opening time, we thought to check ur their local swimming hole offering a beautiful tranquil place in the rainforest. Using my great wildlife spotting skills, I spotted a spider weaving a web between the rocks on the rapids.


After a Boardwalk stroll to check out more of the stunning rainforest..check out the pics.


Then here it is! The stunning Cape Tribulation. One of the places I’ve been looking forward to the most! The sun came out in all of its glory and shone a most beautiful picturesque beach to my eyes.


Cape Tribulation!


Seeing mangroves and the rainforest come straight up to the beach and the sea, it’s pretty awesome. It’s one of the best beaches I’ve ever seen 🙂


After spending an amazing hour, it was time to reach our next destination – Cooktown. But there are a lot to see along the way back to the Daintree Ferry to tickle your palate.


Daintree Tea, a drink that’s now challenging the right to be my favourite tea, is grown here. We saw the plantations and just off the road, there’s an honesty box to put in some money and take as much as Daintree as you like. I took a box.


The next is the delicious Daintree Icecream company! Hosting 4 different flavours a day, you sample a huge tub until you’re ready to explode. The setting around the outdoor ice cream store gives it a real pleasure.


The rest of the day was spent whizzing towards Cooktown that lies furer up north but because we don’t have a 4 wheel drive vehicle, it means that we have to take the continental road rather than the coastal road. The continental road goes through the outback. The rainforest slowly dissolved away after we crossed the ferry and made our way to the environment that became the Outback.


Stopping for petrol, and stopping off at Bob’s Lookout, we were rewarded with a fantastic view of the outback. Amazing.


Finally, as darkness came, we decided to stop off at Palmer River Roadhouse, a night to remember again and again. The stars came so bright, i could have sworn it was never night.