9th July 2012


Glad to have done Magnetic Island yesterday, Smera and I headed out of Townsville. It was going to be a long day of driving.


We knew we would be passing several features but as it was raining (booooo!) and also that the fact we have seen so many beaches and natural features in our travels, we decided to head straight for Airlie Beach and do some Whitsunday sailing. This I was looking forward to immensely.


I love boats and sailing. I love the motion of the waves. I love the sea faring banter. I love finding my sea legs. I love the crisp sea air. I would love a mermaid were it possible. Come on Ariel. Let me be a part of your world.


Taking the wheel, I managed to go pass MacKay and then reach Bowen, where we opted to stop to find more information about Airlie Beach. And get given bad news. The rain? It’s not gonna stop until Wednesday at the earliest (today is Monday) and yet it was still going to be windy and heavily overcast, the breezy tourist guide said that Friday would be the best day to sail. As we did want to do Whitsundays, both Smera and I considered staying and asked what else is there to offer in the region. He hardly gave us much and all of them was very pricey.

As both Smera and I aren’t exactly party people, we didn’t want to spend all week at the party town of Airlie Beach so we had to make a decision.


Later on, we said we would go to Airlie Beach and see what offers there might be. Heck, there might be even cheaper tours due to the rain. I wasn’t too fussed about the rain but it was very windy.


Giving the keys over, Smera drive the rest of the way to Airlie Beach to find the whole one street town road, absolutely PISSING it down. I was getting more and more wound up. Why?!


After a spot of food shopping, we pulled up at a car park overlooking Airlie Beach and we were at a loss what to do.


Finally, I pulled on my coat and dragged my feet in the rain, hopelessly looking at the tour shops lining the road. I enquired at many about the weather and prices but it seemed the rain wouldn’t abate until at least Thursday and the cheapest would be $99. I definitely would have paid for the tour but it was the rain that was absolutely chucking it down making the black dog of depression in me grow stronger. Then came a glimmer of light. A voice piped up behind a desk as I passed the shop,


‘sir, would you like to use free Internet? You look like you need it!’


Free Internet. Free FAST Internet. Oh, Sophie, you know how to talk sweet things into my ear. After discussing a few tours, I went to the computer, dripping and heaved myself onto the chair. There I could catch up to date with the world and compile emails (finally got access to my emails! But lose the access again the next day) and get some ideas for some articles for various online magazines I’m working with.


You may be wondering what the hell I’m doing in the evenings if I’m not partying like there’s no tomorrow. Well, I’m compiling articles after articles that I have written in the evenings in the comfort of my own van and a nice cup of tea. Such articles I’m writing for include:


Vagabundo Magazine


Contiki Exchange




And many more.


It’s been a pleasure to work with these amazing magazines. I confess, that owing to the state and system of the Internet of Australia, it hasn’t been possible to upload photos and documents, a process which takes forever and sometimes fails on paid Internet, that I just have to wait until I get adequate Internet hopefully in Brisbane so I can send the documents over to various people. Even with this blog, from 20th June I’ve been unable to send more posts and should you see this post, it means I’ve successfully uploaded it in Brisbane.


So a notice to my editors and associates, sorry guys! I have everything for you but no good means of getting them over to you.


So off I went back to Smera and we just simply chilled out in the van, paying for the ticket to stay in the car park overnight and I carried on writing more articles. Meanwhile, the rain carried on mocking us with its tinny patter as it landed on the campervan roof.


Rain, rain, go away, come back another day….will it? Maybe a quick beer will do it!