13th July 2012


A special day! Today marks one whole month since I have been in Australia! And what better way to celebrate it by waking up in the early hours of the morning and find there’s not a single cloud in the sky! And what’s more, I would be doing something I have been waiting to do since reading about it at the start of my travel planning…FRASER Island!

Only a place where 2WD do not dare to go, there’s no sealed roads on there and the only way to get around is by 4WD cars that you can either drive yourself or join a day tour bus. I opted for the latter only because I was fed up of driving after the last few days particularly yesterday when we struck it lucky on Rainbow Beach, and second, again…money.

So what did we do on the day tour?

Crossing the ferry that took all of 10 mins from rainbow beach, we hightailed it on the beach tufting up sand on the world’s largest sand island and spotting one of the rare shipwrecks peeking up at low tide. Then it had to rain!

Then we drove bouncingly into the rainforest and checked out the gum trees.

Time to cool down by taking a dip in Lake MacKenzie, of course I was the first one in much to shocked spectators who announced it was far too cold to go swimming! I didn’t care.

Then it was time to go deeper into the Rainforest and check out Central Station, where loggers used as a base in the past. We checked out the old style houses and took a walk on the boardwalk for a lesson on tree identification and not to put hands down in holes where it shouldn’t belong. A venomous spider will get you and kill you!

From there, we headed to a resort to have a completely scrumptious hot buffet lunch. I ate like a pig…and I didn’t even care. I went for seconds, thirds and I think I probably did fit in that chocolate pudding….mmmmm

On the way to visit more of the sandy island, we came across Dingoes! That’s another Australian WiLdlife spotted. Remember guys, these are not dogs…they are wolves..don’t go reaching out to pet them unless you want a bite on the ass or worse.

Roaring up 90 mile beach and driving through the surf bouncing over creek exits, we pulled up at a popular sightseeing attraction…Maheno Shipwreck. A small cruiser for Australia, renowned for its speed in the olden days, was sent to be scrapped to Japan when it caught up in a cyclone and washed ashore onto Fraser Island. The surf gave it a compelling sight and I kept laughing when everybody kept posing in just front of it..only to be drenched in the salty water as the surf hit the shipwreck spitting everywhere.

Next we hit up the Pinnacles, cliffs of multicoloured sands. This was probably my least favourite as I couldn’t GET the Pinnacles and after taking a few snaps, I shrugged and got back on the bus.

Finally as the afternoon drew in, we pulled up at Eli Creek. This you gotta do! Get your swimwear on, leave everything behind at the bus, walk to the bridge further up the stream and float to your heart’s delight back to the beach with the river current taking you there where your bus will meet you. My bottom did scrape on the riverbed a few times, filling up my pants with sand but the whole experience had me in fits of giggles. Many youngsters saw us floating now and immediately begged their parents to do the same. Haha. No pics as I didn’t want to get the camera wet eep!

Finally, after coming across a Booby…the bird kind…the feathered kind… In the path of our bus and rescued to safety, we headed back to the resort for English Afternoon Tea…sadly no Yorkshire Tea…and a good old fashioned ice cream!

Taking the old mining road as the high tide was on the beach, we bounced around to the ferry and thus ending a truly magical day. I didn’t care it rained..in fact I thought the rain added mystique to Fraser Island.

The best bit? Dingoes. You Stole My Heart!