14th July 2012

Woaaaaaaaah ho!

Actually living on the Sunshine Coast to be precise. Where does the Sunshine Coast stretch to? From Rainbow Beach at the bottom of Fraser Coast, where we took a trip out to Fraser Island to see Dingoes, down to all the way to Brisbane!

We weren’t that far from Brisbane..4 hours drive actually!

Waking up early to get away from the camp site as we didn’t want the ranger walking by, Smera and I headed on out to the actual Rainbow Beach and observe the sand blow. To get there, we walked in the mist under staring eyes of many birds such as this. It was so unafraid of us!


Soon we were at the sand blow…maybe we should have taken note of the mist…we couldn’t see a thing! Thank you English Weather on the Australian coastline!

Taking the disappointment to heart, we headed down the Bruce Highway to chase the Sunshine Coast and we certainly caught up when we reached Noosa Heads. A cosmopolitan town on the edge of some fantastic surfs, my first wild koala spot (too far for the camera), and gorgeous beaches on the edge of a fantastic national park. Smera and I decided on a brisk coastal walk where we spotted Dolphins in the Pacific Ocean!

On the way further down the Bruce Highway, we stopped off at Sunshine Beach…you can’t not go to the beach if you are travelling down the Sunshine Coast. As always, I stripped off down to my swimmers and waded into the surf…only up to my knees. My goodness, Australia wasn’t lying about their currents and rip tides! It took a lot of effort not to get swept out to sea!

Getting some advice from the locals we met on the walk, we heard of a rest stop completely far from prying eyes…Mudjimba. On the north shore of a cove where the south occupied by Maccroydore, we could park up early in the day and mingle with plenty of dog walkers.

Chilling out on the beach at night listening to the surf and seeing the brilliance of the stars in the background of the city lights in the distance…I became rather unwell. I didn’t know what was wrong except sheer exhaustion. Was the rain finally tearing me down? Headed to bed far too early, I fell into a blissful sleep not knowing whether I would feel better the next day. I shall have to…otherwise the animals of Australia Zoo would be far disappointed!