15th July 2012


Leaving the delights of Australia Zoo and finally hugging a Koala who reminded me of a certain Jennifer from back home, Smera and I jumped in the caravan to take in the rest of the day. It was 4pm already and I felt a lot better after seeing some animals. I actually went to bed really early the night before as I had a splitting headache and felt really run down. Could the rain be getting me down?


Well no fear today. The sun came out in all of its glory and shone on Australia as it truly should! Celebrating we celebrated by stopping in a lay by and took in the splendour view that is the Glass House Mountains. Huge mounds of jutting rock burst out of the flat landscape gave it a breathtaking view even as the sun started setting down. I didn’t think they looked like glass houses tho. But I thought I wouldn’t mention it…you know what they say, throwing bricks in glass houses and that. What do you think?


A bit more driving with the stove rattling against the back door we soon merged with an actual motorway! Australian drivers didn’t really improve. They still honked to tell us to pull over even though there were 2 lanes available for them! And Lo and behold! We saw the skyscrapers of Brisbane in sight! We were finally here!


Wait…we still had 3 nights of the campervan left and it would be a waste not to use it when we were in Brisbane. I certainly thought so as being a tightfisted Yorkshireman that I am, I want my money’s worth! Particularly in the expensive climate of Straya!


These words meant nothing when suddenly we found ourselves on the toll road to bypass Brisbane. Damn. Only 4 dollars though to use it, and we were pressed for time as the skies were rapidly darkening.


Before we knew it, it was Gold Coast time that can be found from Brisbane south to Byron Bay.


Deciding we wanted to see the exaggerating wealth of Surfer’s Paradise, we pulled up in a caravan park in Southport, just a few kilometres away from Surfer’s Paradise, run by a surly looking old man. We wanted to charge all our electronics particularly this iPad which had run out of battery and also I wanted to use my rechargeable battery of my Cochlear Implant rather than the disposables that are being depleted. It had been interesting how I manage my hearing aids and cochlear implant on my travels…expect a post on that soon.


Having the blissfulness of a hot shower and then being consumed with rage when Smera mentioned there was a bath tub in the ladies…I love baths. I also had to top up my mobile phone but my network provider refused all my cards when I rang them and they instead told me to get a voucher instead from one of their shops. I wouldn’t have minded but the lady on the phone was really rude! She shouldn’t have been because she would have unleashed one of the extremely rare events to take place in Ed Rex’s life…projected ANGER! Normally, I would have rationally explained to her that I really needed the top up but as she was being rude, coupled with the fact I was feeling a little rubbish, I ended up having a shouting match with her on the phone! She was rather shocked. Ended up speaking to her manager who understood my plight.


Charged up my iPad, I meandered down to the local MacDonalds with all my warm gear on. Being next to the sea, I tell you it was absolutely FREEZING! But that didn’t stop me from buying a strawberry milkshake and taking advantage of their free wifi. Only could access Facebook and twitter on the bandwidth they had but I slowly warmed up.


It was pretty funny seeing the customers. As we were only a few kilometres away, many people turned up in an inebriated state and tried to get everyone in a singsong. What a stark difference from being in the middle of nowhere with a gushing waterfall by your side and no one around for miles!


Quickly power walking back, I huddled in my sleeping bag with all my warm gear on and rough out the night, both our teeth were heard chattering throughout amongst the loud screaming match happening across the road. Welcome to chavsville!


Hopefully it will turn warmer to run out into the sea and check out the hotties of Surfers Paradise on the beach tomorrow. I need to get sizzling man!