16th July 2012


Surfers Paradise! It truly was a haven of paradise!


Found south of Brisbane on the Gold Coast, we woke up to a cold morning and brewing a cup of tea. I felt much better now and I was raring to get going after a wonderful hot shower in which I probably stayed far too long seeing my fingers and toes Became all wrinkled!


Just a few kilometres down on the esplanade, we tried to find a free or cheap place to park but unfortunately, as many people come here for shopping and spend their copious amounts of money, we could only afford to stay for an hour on extortionate parking fees. Whipping out, both of us basked in the sun. Heck, it got warm so suddenly that I shed all my warm gear to be in just my jeans and my vest. Feeling the sand between my toes, we walked along the white beach, checking out the surfing lessons in action under the glare of the skyscrapers and shopping malls lining along the waterfront. It truly was a shoppers paradise. Browse doing some shopping, then step a few metres out to sunbathe and then eat in one of the many high flying restaurants around.


Even the people were different to the rest of Queensland. Wearing ginormous sunglasses, not a hair out of place, freshly tanned and dazzling white teeth, and really generally gorgeous looking, you could say that I found my brethren! Wow, I fitted in so well. I even bought a pair of ginormous aviator sunglasses, say on the beach and waited for the underlings to admire my handsome and toned physique…Smera decided to leave me to do her shopping in fear of being knocked over by my ever expanding ego.


Sadly, only an hour was spent but as we drove away down the Gold Coast, I looked back and thought, ‘someday I’m going to be a millionaire and I can buy all the sunglasses I want!