19th July 2012


Pretty worn out from the 15 day Campervanning experience, you could forgive me for taking a day off travel. I did want to see the sights of Brisbane but maybe after I’ve recovered. Beech offered us his place to use for the next few days. That’s very very nice of him! Sleeping in, we watched a film and it was time to return the campervan.


With bated breath as the mechanic checked over our vehicle for any damage, we were given the all clear. Phew! We survived!


Celebrating, we thought we would go for a burger and we turned up at Tempo’s Bar in New Farm. Beech said jokingly that I should do their food challenge. I checked it out. Ghost Chilli. Feck. It’s the hottest chilli in the world and they include it in their chilli burger. Only 14 people have attempted it to eat and finish it whole and only 6 have done. All Australians.


Now, I relish a challenge! If anyone dares me or challenge me to something. I will do it. I hate backing down and will kick myself if I do. So I ordered the Ghost Chilli Burger. The staff suddenly raced round to get it amidst jeers that a ‘Pommie’ would take on it. I’ll soon show them! I still said yes to the burger even when they presented me with a disclaimer to sign excusing the bar of any liability should anything happen to me when eating it.


A massive proportion of burger was served to me. I saw that they had smeared chilli paste as well on the bun. I glanced up at the kitchen to find grinning faces of the staff. I replied with a firm bite into it.


Probably not a good idea to have a whole mouthful. My mouth was soon on fire but in defiance, I slowly munched and finished that bite. So I carried on.


I didn’t think it was that hot after a while but the chilli really turned over my stomach and after getting halfway through I had to take a break as according to Smera and Beech, my eyes were watering and was very very very red. The staff was still chortling away. I nearly gave up at that point but the grinning faces soon spurred me into action even as they told me that the last person to try it ended up throwing up over himself violently. I could believe that.


It was a mental test as well. Especially as I reached 3 quarters of the way through. 45 minutes have ticked by and the staff was growing to realise that I might actually just finish it.


Really motivating myself, I ended up shovelling the last bite of huge proportions into my mouth and stood up throwing my hands in the air! Smera cried out that I did it! My stomach decided to do a few flips and I felt Ill. The staff could see that I could be about to hurl and waited. A few gasps and gulps, I stood up looking better and cheeringly asked for more. The staff couldn’t believe it?! I became the first non-Australian to eat it! Grumbling, they marked on the board that another person had completed the challenge and gave me a free beer to drink. I couldn’t even drink half that as I was so full!


Throughout the rest of the day at Beech’s house of watching films and blogging (finally) I was pleased to have finally done that challenge! Now, my family has challenged me to do many food challenges for when I get back. With pure cockiness, I say,


‘Bring it on!’