I would just like to take a break from my blogging of my Rexy Edventures to say how proud I am to be British in the wake of Team GB’s roaring success in Britain’s very own host, London!

Kicking off with a star studded opening ceremony of both athletes and musicians, featuring our very own Queen’s funny arrival thanks to James Bond, then came 2 weeks of pure sporting fun and determination from all countries across the world. However, I don’t think there wasn’t any other country more so in achieving such greatness as Britain. London saw itself transformed with the hoisting of the Olympic rings on the Tower Bridge, everyone camped out in the glorious sunshine on the greens of London watching all the action. Even on the last day, everyone cheered on the marathon runners ending at Pall Mall.

No other country could be so proud as Britain watched the best of British music perform at the Closing ceremony (one direction, seriously?) and London burst once more in world news.

So now the Olympics is over and the flag flown to Brazil for the 2016 games, what’s next for London? In the news that Lord Coe is now selected to lead the Legacy, just remember to watch Stratford turn into Queen Elizabeth II Olympic Park and see what treats the park will have to offer in the future starting with the opening of the Park on the first anniversary of the opening ceremony.

Meanwhile, I missed being AT the Olympics. I was busy getting in the nude on the Sunshine Coast, and dreaming in the outback of Western Australia but I still caught up on the news to see my favourite athlete, Jennifer Ellis, win the Gold! Many Australians have begrudgingly congratulated the British Athletes and have expressed an interest to go to London. I say to them,

‘Find out where to go in London you want to go.’

Or Better yet, browse for cheap flights to London JetAbroad.com.au and explore one of the oldest cities in the world contains chapters full of gruesomeness, history and dark tales, only to become the world’s greatest city in 2012.

Thanks Olympics!