28th July 2012


You may have noticed that I’ve missed a week out…my nudism week. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble editing my photos on an iPad so you guys just have to wait a teeny bit longer (that wasn’t a pun..)


Leaving my nudist highlight of a week behind, it was time to go to Perth, the capital of Western Australia.


I ain’t kidding that Australia is a BIG place to go from one eastern point of Australia to the west takes time. Heck, if I was on a plane to go back to the UK, Perth would symbolise the point of being a third of the way back!


So 5 hours on a plane, with my luck, of having a ‘large’ man and a pregnant woman with a screaming baby on ever side of me, I was so relieved to finally land in Perth. I should be relieved as I nearly missed the damn plane!


Why? I solely blame Jeremy of Travelfreak at his door. Meeting up with him in Brisbane as he just arrived from Wellington of New Zealand, he enticed me with various coffees as we did a pow wow of travel blogging and thus blinded me with his really bright fluorescent pink t-shirt. So blind I couldn’t find my way to the airport.


My travel documents for the flight specified that I needed to arrive at the airport 30 mins before takeoff. Easy. My flight was at 5.30pm and I was boarding the train there from Brisbane at 4pm. Only a 25 min journey. No problem I thought. Only I missed the damn train and another train wasn’t due til 4.23pm. Feck. Not a problem I again thought. Settling into my train seat, I looked up at the destinations and there was a stop for domestic airport and another stop for international airport. Surely it’s the domestic airport, right? Doubt began to creep into my mind and my iPad couldn’t show me the PDF of my Iternary as there’s no wifi. Panic began to creep into my mind, what if flights to per function from International airport as well? If I went to the wrong airport, then I’ve missed the flight! Argh!


Then god must have been listening as when I changed trains at a stop, the next train had wifi on it! I’m saved! Quickly checking, I found out it was the domestic airport…phew!


Racing through the airport upon arrival, I quickly checked in and just had to be picked out for explosives testing, advanced security checks and questioning. Luckily, I made it to the gate with 5 mins to spare and pat away my sweat patches before smelling out the entire plane. Collapsing into my seat, I made a mental note for future reference:


get to the airport plenty of time

Check all documents for necessary information

Print it out!


5 hours of watching reruns of ‘Dating in the Dark’ when I would be loudly exclaiming the results when people were following their physical attraction rather than emotional connections, I finally arrived in Perth to catch a shuttle bus to my friend’s house where I would be staying for the weekend driven by an irate Italian hairy man. Any attempts to converse with this creature were brusquely waved away. Screw you too.


Laura, my great friend from my time at Newcastle University, greeted me at the door with a happy hello and hug and pulled me in to say hello to her dinner party, which I’ve crashed. Olympics theme night as we watched the opening ceremony taking place. It’s a fantastic spectacle to see and it was tres amusing to see my good queen star in her film debut.


Proud to be British!!