Be far from it that the Olympics is over. It’s totally not. And I’ll tell you why.

An amazing group of travel bloggers (myself included of course) are participating in a #BloggerRelay for in the aim of creating a massive travel memory index. By gum, that’s a lot! But as there are far too many of us, I’ve running for #teampurple in the relay started off fantastically by my team captain, Neil of Backpacksandbunkbeds.


Waiting in the wings after 11 legs of the relay, I could spy the baton speedily coming to me, I really had to get my act together. I needed to stop posturing and stop trying to distract the awesome judges that are traveldudes, Global Grasshopper and Travel Chica with my Usain Bolt pose and flashing smile, and grab the baton out of TravelBumpkin’s hand as she stumbled to me, breathing raggedly. so I did. It’s RexyEdventures’ turn!


So what do I need to do? I need to run and tell you my top 3 travel memories!


In Bronze place, it would definitely be rewarded to my first solo travel experience, Volunteering to build schools and education centres in the North of Uganda.

Ravaged by civil war in the past and Kony’s militant group still on the loose, I joined a group of students in building a school in the Paraa district along with teaching the pupils English, Music and Sexual Health. This was an absolutely rewarding experience for me and I grew a lot as a person cut off from dependent ties and grew into possibly a far too stubborn, grossly independent and perhaps egotistical strapping young lad.


I also got to see the amazing delights of Uganda through whitewater rafting the River Nile, going on a jungle hike, plenty of safaris and many more. But the best bit? The happy go lucky friendly people. Never have I seen a smile go that wide!


In silver place, perhaps slightly boring but Edinburgh in winter 2012. This photo below brings an amazing memory for me as it’s the time when I fully decided to become an established travel blogger. I had just got given my first paid for trip to travel from London to Edinburgh via the Caledonian Sleeper Service, and hear I was atop of Edinburgh at the world famous Edinburgh Castle after doing an ace free walking tour. I knew I wanted to travel for good! Also, my time in Edinburgh has urged me on to promote travel in Britain, which. Think is solely underdeveloped and very reliant on London for its national tourism.


However, I do believe Travel in Britain is amazing and I thank this travel memory for getting me 100% committed to travel.


Ta-dah! In Gold Place, it’s the amazing RTW trip I am doing now. It’s all one long memory and I do have to keep pinching myself that it’s not actually a dream. I can’t pick out the best bit of this travel as there have been so many to choose from so far and I’ve still yet to go another few months. So what best bits could I say after a cultural sensation of SE Asia filled with Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. Or perhaps the amazing 3 months I’ve had travelling A Continent that is Australia. It’s hard to say.


Beaches? Festivals? The People? Waterfalls? History? Laughter? New Experiences? And Lots More? It’s all one big memory for me. I love Travelling!


So as I spy my next participant reaching for my baton, who could it be? Why it’s wandersoftheworld @worldwanders and I wish godspeed and to run like the wind!


If you want to know more about #teampurple and their entries, please click on this link: GO TEAM PURPLE!


Meanwhile, I’m off for a drink with Jessica Ennis, she’s my favourite athlete and did I mention she’s hot and my dream girl?