It’s certainly been a long time since I last did travel blogs of the month. I’ve been travelling dammit!


These have special mention because they have been either there for me during my travels ready to support me with my plans or decisions or generally listen to my rants!

Without further ado, in no particular order:


Waegook Tom

This amazing guy is planning his RTW trip for next year woo woo!

Will Peach

Follow his awesome Spanish Adventures and perhaps sexy ones…


Watch out for his luminous t-shirts as he tells his tales of New Zealand

Backpacks and Bunkbeds

My Purple Team Captain for Blogger Relay has me in stitches about his time in Ireland

Reclaiming My Future

This wild daughter has her sights firmly set on Africa. Read her brilliant description of dangling her legs over the Victoria Falls


This cheeky chappie I met in Malaysia has me wanting to try more of his food…if he does beat me at cooking SE Asian Food…

Mellyboo Project

This travel award nominated honorary Kiwi has me being advised what to do in Sydney and New Zealand. Check out her amazing African Adventures.

Leave Your Daily Hell

This Eurotrash trotting adventurer is advising you to take the plunge and go travelling!


Thanks Guys!