30th – 31st July 2012


I really didn’t do a lot in Perth. After a good day out with Laura at Freemantle Prison, she had to go to work unfortunately meaning I was on my own on my tod. Plus I moved to a hostel that one of my travel buddies was staying. Remember Daisy? She wrote about travelling on Greyhound Buses in the USA. Well she was already at work when I arrived. So what did I do?!

I ended up doing a lot of self maintenance, after all, to look this good requires a lot of it!

The rest of the day was spent walking to the East Perth Terminal through the suburbs to get a bus ticket to see my other mate from back home in the outback of Western Australia in a few days. Then into the CBD (Central Business District) to have a good nosey around in the sweltering scorching heat of day offering no respite as I walked to the riverside front to glance at the Bell Tower. Accommodation in Perth looks pretty sweet with the new developments in place. I wonder if I could get a place in Perth of my own?

Later on that day, I met up with Daisy for dinner and banter times and a good old catch up, it had been 5 months since I bumped into her (she stalked me) in Leeds.

The next day, I slept in peacefully, got offered a sightseeing tour in the rain by a local resident at the city library where I could be found shouting into my iPad. Because of the rain (why am I cursed with this blasted English weather following me about?), didn’t see a lot and I wasn’t feeling very travel worthy and not that bothered about culture. I felt like I travelled too much and was slightly jaded from seeing the best beaches, national parks etc and nothing else could beat them in comparison.

However, as I met up with Daisy after work, she said she would cheer me up. But I would have to wait as its a tv programme later on that evening. Ooh! Could it be something on travel? Culture? Wildlife? As I sat waiting in anticipation, Daisy triumphantly turned on the tv and I watched an hour of something that restored my faith in culture immediately afterwards. Actually, I became so desensitised to culture that I immediately embraced it after this programme. What an hour of drivel….

Geordie Shore!