1st August 2012


It’s my birthday today!

I turn 27 and I am now officially in my late twenties. Oh dear, you may mutter but I don’t even care. I’m on a high. I’m actually doing something I’ve always wanted to do in life and that’s travelling! This time last year, I was actually in the very early stages of planning to travel. I was in Munich, Germany, after seeing an amazing concert of Take That and a fantabulous week exploring Bavaria and Salzburg. But I was also thinking at the time, what the hell do I want to do with my life? Never i would have thought then that the same time the next year, I would be Australia and coming off an amazing 5 months of backpacking and still plenty more to come!

So what did I do when I woke up?




Despite a scorching day of my first day in Perth, It seems like the rain brought out all the stops to wish me a happy birthday. Thanks. It decided to surprise me when I was walking back from a scummy cafe where I had not only 1, not 2, but 3 breakfasts to myself! Even the staff was amazed when I ordered all at once. I was pretty hungry.

Noting that all my clothes either were wet or having a damp smell, Washing it was. Loading the washer and dryer, I whiled away the time by writing a few postcards to my family and friends. Then the rain started to piss off.

Not tempting fate, I decided to treat myself extra special by going to the cinema! It’s been a very very very long time since I’ve had a fantastic visual/audial experience so I opted to see the Amazing Spiderman. It was pretty…amazing.

As my Perth based friends finished work, I met them for a meal in which they gave me far too many presents and beer and had a good time chilling out with a few drinks afterwards. It had been a great day.

But it was time to get to bed early as I needed to get up at the crack of dawn in order to spend my first week of being 27 in the outback of Western Australia…

Apologies if I traumatised anyone with the photo of my moustache, it’s still growing out…