3rd August 2012

Why did I come to Stunning Rural Western Australia?

After a great journey made with TransWA, I came here to see a very good friend of mine who I grew up with in Hull during our primary school years, Naomi, and her boyfriend, who also became a great friend since meeting him for the first time on their visit over to the UK. Both have now emigrated to Western Australia, deep into the rural area and on the fringes of the Outback.

I also wanted to see why Western Australia proved to very popular with many friends and acquaintances who have moved up there. All I hear is how amazing the East Coast of Australia is through official channels but extremely rarely about Western Australia.

That’s why I’ve come here to find out.

Catching up with them in the evening when I arrived to be greeted by Naomi and her boisterous Puppy (not Carl…), they said they wanted to go to Geraldton the next morning to get some supplies. The place the lived, Morowa, isn’t exactly a raging busy town that started off as a mining town so off we went this morning to get some supplies from the provincial town 1 and a half hour away. I was intrigued. Most of Western Australia’s population clings to the small townships dotted along the coast, the rest in the desert and outback. So what was the appeal? The views. The stunning views. And more so, the VERY relaxed pace of life and community that is very evident in these townships. It’s where everybody looks out for each other. When was the last time you said hi to your neighbour…bet was a long time was it?

As we rolled into Geraldton, I couldn’t make up my mind what kind of town it was. Dotted along dusty roads were the big brands resided screaming out their offers. This is the place where everyone in the surrounding areas came to buy bulk produce and big items such as cars, fridges etc..you know what I mean. It had a certain charm to the place, people were friendly and the shops knew you depended on them so they were extra nice.

Gaining the rest of the supplies, we chilled out along the beach that was strewn with washed up dead coral. There’s a reef here as well you know. Paddling in the surf and unsuccessfully convincing the dog to go swimming, I was struck that there was literally no one else on the beach on the side of this town where the main road clung to the water’s edge. Very beautiful place it is.

The beach is very different to the ones found on the east coast. Different formations created scenes of natural beauty like the rocks jutting out to sea.
But best of all, I got to share the delights of the day, with sunny skies and stunning views with 2 of my very good friends who really emphasised the benefits of living in Western Australia. I was very inclined to agree with them. To the point where I started to feel envious of them. It seemed like the pace I was looking for. You could whatever you wanted, feel part of a large community, on the edge of beautiful places to visit, and feel like you are part of a new world. I’m sure the more time I spend with them for the next week, I will find myself wanting to move in with them…and I already do!

Congrats to Naomi and Carl for making their lives a beautiful one.