2nd August 2012

Having to get up at the crack of dawn after a few beers from my birthday the night before, I was very pleased to say that my journey today was perhaps one of the best buses I’ve been on ever.

Visions of a dusty bus with no aircon and a broken suspension system filled my mind as I went to book my ticket to the outback or rather Morowa, where 2 very good friends are staying. I knew one of them back home and I even grew up with her in the same primary school.

However, despite my trepidation as I booked the ticket with the excellent customer service who outlined everything I needed to know, prompted by a few questions from me ‘will I survive?!‘ I wasn’t going to believe it until I see the bus. I’ve never felt the same to buses until I went on the death journey between Hue and Hanoi in Vietnam.

But I went ahead with it and turned up bright, early and bushy tailed ready to go the yonder out back. What greeted me, was a luxury coach. My mouth gaped open and the bus driver chirped up from the stand he placed outside the door ‘To Geraldton’, with a good morning! Pinching myself, come on, this can’t be true. It must be a dream. I’m Ed Rex, bad travel happens to me!

I clambered aboard after the bus driver protested that I shouldn’t have put my backpack in the hold…he should have done it. He gave me a bottle of water and started up the tv inside, putting on a film while we waited for the others to arrive. Soon, the bus filled up from all walks of life and yet…I got 2 seats to myself.

The bus driver chirruped on the mic very clearly and soundly about the plan for the journey. Sorted. I know what I’m doing.

We left Perth and after 10 mins, we were in the desert. It amazed me to think a city could be built close to it. I spent the morning just gazing the scenery. It’s very spectacular with the beating sun overhead. But the air con kept me cool and we stopped plenty for a few toilet breaks. Even the roadhouses are fantastic with very friendly staff. Reminds me of the cape trib roadhouse where I broke down in Queensland.

The bus driver even allowed us for an extended break to order some scummy lunch. I was pretty mightily impressed with TransWA for keeping up a great service meeting the needs of its customers.

I was actually sad when I arrived in Morawa, I really loved this bus journey. I was pretty excited to be getting back on it again later on in the week to go back to Perth. However, that didn’t come to pass as I managed to hitch a ride with my friends back to Perth.

But the beauty is, I got my return ticket money back, providing I cancelled before the day of journey. The other beauty is, I didn’t know exactly when I would be coming back as there is only 2 trips a week to Morowa and back…would I be staying longer?….well have no fear…just ring up the bus company and they will reserve you your seat for the next bus with no charge.

Very very impressed. British Rail and Buses….take note. For more info on TransWA, click here.