6th – 9th August 2012

Stunning view isn’t it?

I confess that I didn’t do a lot in my time in Morowa after walking through wildflowers. Aside from watching 3 series of True Blood and a series of X Files, I did have a day when Naomi and Carl when to work leaving me with their puppy who I decided to train several tricks throughout my stay. A tough challenge it proved to be when he kept rebelling against my firm rule by leaving me surprises in the room I stayed in, taunting me to snap. But having a stubborn dog in the past myself, patience rewarded me when he soon compiled….when he felt like it. Haha.

But still, a completely funny dog he proved himself to be, and we soon shared a love of walking around the town of Morowa while I teached him to heel and not to jump up on people. I liked Morowa. Soon, I’d be chatting to the locals, they were interested why I decided to come to Morowa and my thoughts of the place. Even one invited me round to their house for dinner!

The easy life with local amneties around and the quietness of the rural place gave me a peace. There was nothing more I loved then standing outside, leaning over the fence and watching the world at dusk. A lone vehicle would roar by in the empty road, another one possibly an hour’s ride away. The smells of dinner would float around the town as people settled in from a hard day’s graft. Carl could be heard in the garden chopping away making firewood for the evening fire, Naomi decorating inside to create incense and her tutting curses as she shied the puppy away from her art work. But the biggest thing was the quietness…it was so silent. A gentle breeze would sweep in, swaying the Wildflowers that clung on to the bare topsoil. Soon I would be called in for dinner around the table, general banter about the day and we would settle in with either a visit to one of their friends or a nice film.

Bedtime would beckon, and as I rummaged around in my bag to put on warm clothes for the cold night as I reclutantly walked out of the warm living room kept alive by dying embers of the fire, the puppy walked in sniffing. I congratulated him for being a good boy today and gave him a scratch behind his ear. He smiled at me, panting his tongue. I walked backwards, smiling back and made to congratulate him again when I felt my cold bare foot turn immediately warm…the dog put back his ears fearfully and slunk out of the room. I looked down, grimacing, and saw I had stepped in a surprise. Did I snap?