4th-5th August 2012


After a delightful visit to Geraldton and it’s beach, I was hungry for more sights of Western Australia.

Particularly the scenery.

Morowa is the centre of the Wildflower Region. You cannot walk past its tourist information shop and fail to notice the wildflower signs. Many people come from far to gaze upon the beauty of these Wildflowers. Much to my amusement, one local dubbed it the terrorist centre due to many campervans that rock up in Morowa and swarm all over the place. But I wasn’t going to see that happen as it was just before the Wildflower season when I was there. But it didn’t mean that there wouldn’t be any Wildflowers, there are early starters like the snowdrops of Great Britain.

So Carl took the dog and I along with some of his friends to go walking in the country and spot some Wildflowers. Check out the pics. We did come across the polished and cleaned remains of a Kangeroos…is there a wildflower muncher amongst us? And by the way, check out my sporting new tache that I’m officially revealing!