12th-13th August 2012

Arriving in Perth the day before after really enjoying myself seeing friends and the rural Western Australia, I was reunited with Daisy whose first words were ‘Geordie Shore on Tuesday,’ she promptly dragged me out with her mates for a night out. The nightlife on Saturday is HUGE! It was such a stark contrast from the quietness of Morowa and I did find myself wishing to be back at the open fireplace supping a cup of tea and stroking the dog. Am I getting old before my time?

The next day, we all sat in the pub and helped ourselves to a massive Sunday Roast. I was he only bloke in the group and my ears were opened to the girls’ conversations that astounded me! Who here have watched Sex and the City? Imagine listening to 5 Samanthas. That’s a lot! I like to think I’m the more demure Charlotte.

Not a lot happened throughout the course of the day except just chatting over some goon and beers. Goon is pretty lethal!

The next day, Daisy had the day off and she offered to show me the Cultural Centre of Perth. In here, this housed the Modern Art Gallery and we walked in trying to understand the meaning of these art pieces…

This is probably my room.

I have a friend called Voss (see the name inscribed on his arse) and is this his future?

Are we mutants? Of course we are, we mutated to become humans from apes.

Beware of quiffs in cinemas.

My favourite piece of art. It’s like pushing the ‘Do Not Press Red Button!

When we left afterwards, I’d like to think that we GOT modern Art. What do you think?

Meanwhile, off to King’s Park to grab some views of Perth at Dusk!