11th August 2012

On the way back from Morowa and some of us tired from the drinks from the art show the previous evening, we spied a tourist attraction. It was a an usual cave slap bang in the middle of nowhere. The cave was a massive hole in the ground. No one knows how this cave was formed in the plateau but I like to think a meterorite hit it and then aliens crawled out of it :p

With the dogs, we peered from the edge and threw some stones down. It was a very long way!

It was nice to break up the 4 hour journey back in Carl’s ute that was crammed with 4 people and 2 dogs. And it was certainly cool to find an unusual attraction.

Pretty soon, we were back in Perth and I got dropped back at my previous hostel I stayed in, seeing Daisy again who screamed with delight positively that I would be able to catch the latest episode of Geordie Shore again. Oh dear.