10th August 2012

After a week of training the dog and exploring the delights of Morowa, I was invited to attend a posh art show sponsored by one of the Mining Companies nearby. Also, my friend Naomi and her brother has submitted their art pieces to be judged as well so for moral support, I went with Naomi and Carl.


It was also time to break out the suit and I was commentated that I looked like Errol Flynn! What do you reckon? I think I must have scared people with my moustache!


Greeted with a glass of champers, oh joy!, and another 3 glasses, I supposed Naomi didn’t want to be with Carl and I as we judged art pieces by pretending to be art critics dismally. She rushed off to speak to other people. But I thought her art piece was rather good!


Soon, we were given a few talks by the council, the aboriginal tribe leader, and the mining companies and then it was time for judging. Quite a few pieces of art won that did deserve an award but there were a few I thought didn’t especially in Naomi’s category.

Meanwhile, both Carl and I scoffed the finger food and took advantage of the free bar leading us to start tapping our feet to the tunes of the live band. It was a great night to celebrate my last night in Morowa as I was due to return to Perth the next day and I really especially enjoyed being with my great friends.

Thanks for putting me up guys….or for putting up with me! Naomi did declare at times that why don’t I go away after I teased her mercilessly about things.

Check out the pieces of work that I thought was pretty sweet as.