14th-15th August 2012

Thanks to Daisy putting me through the torture of Geordie Shore, I was pretty much ready to haul my ass on the overnight flight to Sydney! Yes, I’m going to the glamorous city of Australia! Words couldn’t explain my bopping excitement!

I wanted to knacker myself out so I could get a decent night’s sleep rather than staying awake and watching people drool at the corner of their mouths and then drip onto my shoulder, so I ended up working hard on my blog and did a hell of a lot of walking around Perth and yep, I was tired.

Arriving at the airport, i was very well prepared and arrived with plenty of time unlike the time I flew from Brisbane to Perth, when I nearly missed my flight! I was mightly impressed with Quantas’ check in procedure and customer service. Again, I had a pat down from an old smelly man (when am I gonna get a stunning Kylie Minogue to pat me down?!) to get through security as I couldn’t be scanned through due to my cochlear implant.

That left me with an hour to kill in the airport, so I grabbed a beer and read my book. Then I got a free one because the barmaid said she liked my t-shirt ‘on it like Donkey Kong!’ so we spent the rest of my time chatting away about Computer Games and how computers today has ruined good old fashioned platform games. Ah, Legend of Zelda…those were the good old days!

I didn’t have a direct flight to Sydney, I had to change planes at Melbourne but the flight to Melbourne seemed awfully quick. After they served complimentary drinks (lots of wine for me and lots of biscuits) they did the duty free and dimmed the lights. I started dozing off when all of a sudden the lights came blaring back on! What?! The captain chirruped with a ‘good morning!’ what?! It’s only 2am?! Actually it was 4am and they were getting ready to land. Where did the time go? Did I doze more than I thought with my legs curled up on the seat next to me?

Changing planes, I was suddenly struck with a sense of dread that…’did I need to pick up my bag and put it on the next plane?‘ I asked many people but all gave me different answers. Argh! But the stewardess of the next plane assured me that it will be on the plane. I did ask her if she could check it herself in person but she gave me a withering look. I take that as a no then.

It was already 6am and I was seated next to an elderly couple who were so sweet and took it upon themselves to look after me. I did tell them that I’ve been travelling for the last 6 months on lots of planes but the words died in my throat when they offered me sweeties! Even the elderly woman held my hand as we soared up in the air and she told me everything was going to be ok. What?! She then gave me another sweet.

Complimentary breakfast arrived that I scarfed down and even the couple offered me their home brew tea. And another sweet. The elderly man kept explaining to me where we were in australia and soon the woman rubbed my cheek with a handkerchief that she spat on to get rid of some dirt. I was truly tamed.

So there we have it, we landed in Sydney, again with the woman holding my hand and as we disembarked, she even offered to carry my hand luggage! I said no, and they held on to my arm as we got to the baggage claim and told me my bag will be there and I was to have no worries. ‘okay,’ I pitifully cried. Yes, my bag came to view, phew, and from there I bid the couple farewell to which they pressed another bag of sweets into my hand and gave me their contact details if I needed a place to stay and looking after. Awwww, they were so sweet. Even the woman had her eyes moist with tears as she waved me goodbye. I almost felt bereft having to leave them.

But meanwhile, Sydney awaiting outside the doors and I looked out..hoping…it was truly sunny! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!