15th August 2012


Arriving in Sydney, my belly filled with sweeties from the plane, I was just so enthused to be here. Here I am in SYDNEY, the place I’ve been dreaming of visiting since glancing it on the world map, and the place I kept getting told off that it’s not the capital of Australia (Canberra is).

Jumping up and down, I texted my mate who were to join me, My partner in crime, Mark of Malaysia and Singapore fame. We were still in contact…actually, he stalked me on Facebook… And we found out that we were to be in this part of Australia at the same time.

Mate, you’re missing out not being here a day early, get your ass over here, right NOW!

He responded feebly about a paramour in Byron Bay or something like that. Well screw him too! He also warned me not to do anything in Sydney until he arrives. What? Nothing for a whole day? So what did I do? After checking into my hostel and meeting some guests, I went out on a walk around the city to do some ‘scouting..’ yes that’s what I’ll call it for Mark’s arrival.

It was a pretty good afternoon seeing Sydney Harbour, the Opera House, Hyde Park and seeing some cool action going on. The went out with some crazy people from the hostel who loved my moustache. Oh yes, I still had that Errol Flynn Moustache. The day seemed as short as it was, but being so tired from the plane and getting all so giddy from actually being in Sydney made it a great day to remember.

Now if Mark can just get here to get Sydney Rocking!