17th August 2012

After a great bracing swim at Manly Beach turning me all sorts manly and perhaps….sexy….I thought it was definitely time to go out into the glamorous nightlife of Sydney.

Organised by the amazing Peek Tours that also offered a Party Tour that Gregg offered at the end of his walking tour the previous day, both Mark and I preened ourselves (more in Mark’s case who asked me if his hair looks ok) and dragging our new friends frm the hostel, we joined the others who came on the walking tour with us.

With $20, we could get 4 free drinks and entry into 4 different places. Let me tell you that the night was AWESOME! Strutting our stuff, dancing far too wildly, meeting fellow ozzies, and generally having a great old time. Mark collected phone numbers enough to make a call girl blush, drama ensued, people got lost and found again, then lost and found again sleeping in the toilets, figuring out how to get taxis back without no one running after it and plenty more. AWESOME!

See the photos below…they have been edited and the bad ones taken out!