19th August 2012

Feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep from watching a cracking game of rugby featuring the all blacks, both Mark and I were determined to get to Bondi Beach after failing to get there the day before due to our hungover.

Jumping aboard the 333 bus from Sydney city centre with our friends Vicky and Claire, we moseyed on down to Bondi Beach, the premier beach of Sydney. This can be found to be packed to the rafters on Christmas day with people donning Xmas hats and cooking up a BBQ but as it was a winter’s day on the other half of the year, it wasn’t quite so packed. This meeeeeeeans more Beach for me!

Now what was I thinking when I saw this?

It’s swim time!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ran in wildly and giggling like a school girl and dived in. Then whimpered as the rip tide literally ripped me out to sea. It was really powerful. Even as I staggered out of the sea with the water ripping at my calves, it was still hard to crawl out! Cooled to the skin, I strutted back to the others and posed throughout our time in the beach while I people watched. There were surfers, blonde beauties, joggers and the occasional thong wearer…a male one. That wasn’t me by the way.

So I decided to announce that there was a handsome guy on the block amidst the stunning views of the sea. I loved how blue the sea was, almost as blue as my boardies!

A good hour of sunbathing later, we headed on up to the coastal walk to survey Bondi Beach at a distance. We were plagued by joggers…there needs to be a separate lane for them. Also stop making me feel so guilty about my fitness!!!

And we spied a swimming pool in the corner that has the same views as us! a heated swimming pool…mmmmm….oh aww you had to pay…

Feeling invirograted and ready to show the joggers some sass, all 4 of us did the coastal walk to Coogee Beach further south from Bondi along the coast.

The views were absolutely phenomenal and really reminded me of home being at the seaside.

Look at me, I’m so happy!

The coastal walk was about 5.5km long so we got to pass some pretty sweet bays, either rocky, boats, or even sandy. And guess what? They had more joggers on them. Somehow I couldn’t figure out why the joggers were giving us a wide berth…I turned my attention to the bays.

Approaching Coogee Beach, I collided with a jogger when I wasn’t looking…what was he doing on my side of the path and why did he look so frightened? Then I saw…oh my god, why didn’t I see in the first place? Quickly hurrying the group along into Coogee Beach for an Icecream and a good look at the view…

But somehow, I could see shocked expressions on people’s faces as they walked past us and there was no denying it…it was Mark…he’s got….bright camp clothing! ARGH!