22nd August 2012

Oh what a long night!

Yesterday, after walking the length of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, we caught the night Greyhound Bus to Melbourne. It was to take 12 hours which meant we would be arriving at the lark time of 8am.

Boarding the bus, I was pleased to discover that I had 2 seats for myself with some nice looking Swedish girls sat behind me. I talked to them oh yes. But my joy was short lived as the greyhound bus stopped just outside of Sydney to let on more people. My futile attempts to keep the 2 seats to myself proved useless as a large guy decided to take the seat next to me thus ensuring I was squashed against the window. Like a fly who’s hit the windscreen.

I tried to sleep but the guy kept waking himself up suddenly scaring himself…and me. And he liked to lean on me. No more mr nice guy I decided and I would push and shove his arm out of the way and gave him withering looks that would make Maggie Smith blush.

Luckily, as we arrived in Canberra at Midnight, he got off. I simply laid across my 2 seats and feigned to sleep when people got on. I was successful. Wicked.

The rest of the night seemed a blur. I think I slept but I didn’t feel like I did. Surely my body wouldn’t have forgotten the long bus trips of Vietnam?

But finally we arrived in Melbourne totally bedraggled, confused and extremely tired. Mark was bitching about how far the hostel (that I booked, so of course it was my fault) was from the bus station. What a little kid I felt like I was looking after. I put him on the naughty spot to cool down.

No sooner than we put our bags in, we went on another walking tour to try and wake ourselves up. Bad mistake. We can’t even remember what happened on this tour. Like zombies wanting coffee stuffed brains, we lurched around for 3 hours but the best thing I can remember was the street art that can be found in many dank and dark alleyways, as the Peek Tours guide showed us around. The standard of the Peek tour was very much the same as we did in one in Sydney so we were pretty happy! Check out the street art. I thought lots were funny.














Pretty sweet eh? Might crack open a spray can and start doing my work of art…what will it say? RexyEdventures.com!