22 – 23rd August 2012

Ok. I did a boo boo. I did go to the food festival. But I didn’t take any food pictures. Bad Ed. Why? I was more focussed on scoffing my face with all the yummy international foods on display.



But as you can see in the Queen Victoria Market House, it was absolutely brimming with stalls, people and an electric atmosphere. There were also some pretty sweet funky shops, like a muppet stall! I know my friend, Melissa, would absolutely love one…



Not only there were shops, there were plenty of drink stalls. I especially loved the spicy mulled wine that pretty much blew my head off.



No wonder they said, ‘just sip it slowly and drink it in moderation..’ and I completely ignored them to take a good mouthful swig at first…not a good idea.

So to cool me down, of course I had to go to the bar while I left Mark to complain about the queue for south American food only to queue for half an hour and they closed it as Mark reached the front. Bwahahahahahahaha.




The drink was pretty nice, a new Zealand drink I was told. If all beers are good as this in New Zealand, where I’m headed to in the next week, then I’m a happy Yorkshireman….although I still want my Yorkshire tea (grumble grumble).

But I was cheered up with a jazz band that entertained the crowds. I danced. Badly. And then Mark refused to acknowledge me as a friend and chatted to some German Girls instead. I wish I could play the guitar and then I’ll wow the crowds with my amazing music and my dazzling smile.



After a loooooooong day doing the walking tour and sightseeing along with this, both Mark and I were pretty tired so we called it a day. The day after Mark and I slept in and just generally chilled out in the city sampling the food and coffees. You HAVE to go to San Churros and try all the chocolate drinks there…I was pretty stuffed to the point of projectile vomiting but it was so good man.

Later on, we moved from coffees to beers. Sampling all the international beers, both Mark and I had a great talk about ambitions and life aspirations. This started to make me think about my return to the UK. What should I do? Life is always full of questions.


Other than that, we booked our tickets for a tour that was to depart the next day. Bring on the Great Ocean Road!