25th August 2012

Brrap! The alarm clock woke both me and Mark up ready for the long day ahead. Wrapped in our warmest clothes, we were to head to the south coast of Australia ready to experience the majestic might of the Great Ocean Road. Scarfing down our breakfast, we jumped aboard the bus and ready to rock out!

Leaving Melbourne, we headed to our first stop. The world famous Bells Beach.





Was Mark impressed?



Nah, he went stomping off instead.



But I thought it was pretty and gorgeous and went down for a closer look. Ain’t it pretty?



Climbing back aboard the bus, of course the rain had to make an appearance but it was totally dwarfed by the full rainbow that greeted us.



After a bit more driving we got to the official entrance of the Great Ocean Road. Pose alert!




From there we stopped off for a made lunch for us yumminess! Sandwiches, cakes and hot drinks aplenty. It was pretty windy enough to blow my stupid hat off but don’t worry guys, I caught it in time!



On the way, we stopped off to do some koala spotting but unfortunately not turned up to wave us hello but we were faced with so many birds! One took a huge liking to my hat and hung on to dear life while I tried to shake it off when the hail came down. As I was running back to the bus in a hurry, the bird dug its claws in and bounced along until I managed to pry if off. Don’t mess with the wildlife!





Meanwhile, it was back on the road for more further action…



And of course more posing as we looked out from the Southern Australian Coast. Could Antarctica be my next stop? By the way, I didn’t realised how camp I looked with my legs. Deary me.





On that bombshell, maybe it’s best to go to the true highlight of the Great Ocean Road….windy as it was…