26th-28th August 2012

Today was the day.

Words could not explain how excited I was. Imagine me jumping up and down, doing the snoopy dance, and squealing happily while I clapped my hands manically.

2 days I had to wait after my Great Ocean Road Experience. This would be the better experience.

I became a good neighbour and thus became a good friend.

I waited to picked up outside the tour shop, the bus rocked up and my mouth was salivating at the words emblazoned across the side of it.

Neighbours Tour.



My friends, back in my university days, I religiously one of the best programming on tv. Neighbours. An Australian soap. I would either be in the comfort of my own home with my housemates or I would be found at the local student union with a pint watching it on the big screen tv. It was a deathly silence affair as fellow students would watch with bated breath to find out what the next twist in the story would be.

I get to go on set and find how the magic works.

On the bus, the driver would remind us of stories of yore and we would laugh and cry as we remember Toadie marrying Dee only to drive off a cliff on their honeymoon. Toadie’s still alive but Dee was lost to the sea. I still maintain that Dee will be back!

Arriving on set, I ran amok through. Sure enough, new places had opened and as I hadn’t watched Neighbours properly in a while, I wasn’t too sure what they are. The General Store, Charlie’s Bar etc. I fawned with wide eyed appreciation.






But unfortunately we couldn’t go straight up the houses as we were very lucky enough to see some filming in action! Therefore we saw some more actors and actresses that we called out to. Remember the old character of Lucas? He was there. The new arrival of Vanessa who’s now fully pregnant? She was there. We had to stay deathly silent after action was called out and I was grinning like an idiot.



We managed to sneak closer onto the street and we were surprised with some spoilers that I won’t share with you guys but it’s gonna be absolutely amazing when the episode hits your screens.

The tour finished, we piled back on the bus and headed back to Melbourne and the driver stuck on a DVD of the actors reminiscing past storylines.

Without a doubt, one of the best tours I’ve been on. Forget Angkor Wat, forget Sydney Opera House, this is where my true fulfilment of satisfaction of my travels stemmed.

And I got a picture with Kyle! Woop Woop! Wooooop!