2nd September 2012

Waking up the next morning, I was still in the mood to do a lot of walking so I decided to tackle another trail that led from Paihia to Haruru Falls, 10km one way. I would be on my won this time as everyone else decided to do their own thing today. Yesterday’s coastal walk was awesome.



It was a quite a cool stroll. I would be singing to keep myself going and quite often I would pass by people coming back from the other side.

Also…awesome views of the Waitangi River as well.



What I really liked about this walk was the boardwalk that went over the Waitangi River. There were a load of bird watching to be done here and I enjoyed seeing a little slice of home. Sparrows. I love love love Sparrows and they were fluttering all around me as I made the boardwalk crossing.



After a few kilometres of marching,mi heard a distant roar of the waterfalls. Soon, I spotted it from a distance and was pretty impressed by the falls, created by the river dropping over a basalt lava flow.



I was so impressed that I jumped for joy!



Later on, I realised how far I came so it would meant another walk back and I didn’t want to walk back the same way. So I decided to go on the road and walk through Haruru village to get back to Paihia.

After only 5 mins of walking, a car pulled over and e man within asked me where I was going. I told him and he very kindly gave me a lift back to Paihia. That’s very nice of him I thought! Aww.

So what to do for the rest of the day? I decided to get my history fix and learn about how Europeans settled in New Zealand. Starting with the Treaty of Waitangi…