25th September 2012

Happy 6th month travel anniversary to me! Where does the time go? So was I happy as Larry? (very happy?)

Hmmm…no. I could be found languishing in the doldrums of the bus after being shaken awake by Henning who informed me the bus was due to leave in 5 mins. Damn. Not again! Why must I be really tired from the walk to Franz Josef and go out that night?! Quickly, checking out and throwing my things in the bag, I managed to board the bus…just. But as the bus started turning around on the very very very winding roads, the hangover kicked in. I wanna get to Wanaka! Yes, that was our next stop! Peeking under my colourful hat and curled up muttering how I felt the weight of Franz Josef crushing over me, we stopped off at a cafe besides the track to Lake Matheson, famed for its perfect reflection of Mount Cook on the lake itself. No one went. It was still raining.



Warming my hands on this delightful mocha, I joined the dark side of not sticking to my budget for the day and ordered the best and biggest breakfast eve, it was awesome. Fact.

Spending the rest of the day watching the scenery whiz by dramatically and stopping for a while due to a landslide just hours ago, we took the trip up Haast River, which I definitely agreed in my tired state that it was extremely gorgeous. Crossing the bridge at the Gates of Haast and heading up the pass and into Mount Aspiring National Park, I could feel my hangover melt away as I stared in awe..nay…childhood wanderlust… at the beautiful scenery afforded us. Even the rain didn’t put any dampeners down!





Before we knew it, we entered Wanaka, commonly known as the headquarters of Mount Aspiring National Park, and you can’t help but feel impressed at New Zealand’s fifth largest lake – Lake Wanaka. Oh I was to see this bad boy up close.

There’s always plenty of events on here in Wanaka whether it’s an air race, music festivals and many more. As we arrived late in the day, I simply opted to see this grandiose lake instead. Check out the pics. Some people decided to skydive over the region instead, which I hear is absolutely awesome.




Without a doubt, the best place to recover from a hangover. Beautiful!