Choosing South America for my last travel was probably the best idea that had ever appeared in my mind. The continent is a real Disney land for those who admire adventures and put natural attractions above everything.

Before I went to Bolivia I knew very little about the country: something about Indian tribes and beautiful mountains. You can imagine my surprise when I saw the country from the inside. Vast lands of flower valleys, high Andes mountains, incredible waterfalls and mysterious jungles. But above it all was Bolivian culture. It is simply incredible how Bolivians manage to stay so happy, having almost no money and modern conveniences. It truly feels that people live according to their morality and ancient traditions.

My first step in Bolivia was made in La-Paz airport. I cannot say that my first impression was very good, the place was pretty dirty and loud. But, as I was born in Ukraine I got used to many things. I decided to save my money so I took a Bolivian airport express – a little bus that takes 10-20 people. I got to a very little and cozy hotel Luna Azul where I finally met somebody who spoke good English. But, as you understood from the title, the goal of my trip was to have as much adventure as I could. So I planned to make 3 most extreme things in the country: ride a bike on a Death road, climb one of the Andes Mountains and get to the calmest but most impressive places in Bolivia- Salar de Uni.

Being a big fan of bicycles I was sure I could ride any road in the world but death road convinced me that I was wrong. The most dangerous road in the world, starts in the mountains and plunges down for 3, 600 meters, altogether the road’s total length is 64 km. Most of the territory is covered with fog and the road itself is very narrow. Nevertheless, I did it, although it was only 500 meters it was more than enough for me.

After I conquered death Road I was more than in a mood to continue my journey. I have never climbed a mountain before, (only small ones that could be described as hills) so I was pretty nervous before I did it in Bolivia. I decided to join Bolivian mountain tour for beginners, which appeared to be a lot of fun. I couldn’t believe that so many beautiful places could fit in one country: kilometers of breathtaking landscapes mixed with ancient Incas chapels and crystal clear lakes made a deep impression on me.

Last stop in my Bolivian adventure was Salar de Uni – the largest salt flat in the world. The place is more than 75 km long and it features all colors of blue, grey and white, giving it a look. Visiting Salar de Uni was the best ending of my crazy adventure in a wonderful Bolivia.

Important tips: take light and warm clothes with you, because the weather is unpredictable and don;t forget a phrase book as there are very few people who speak English.