Here’s another post that I am very much interested in. Belgium gets such a rap these days and since meeting crazy Begians on my travels, I really want to go there! Masha explains more…


Belgium is one of the calmest countries of Europe known for its numerous historical attractions, great chocolate, delicious beer and a world famous statue of the boy caught in a pee – Manneken Pis. But besides that it is also home to EU and NATO headquarters.

In this article I are going to tell you what are the main things that you shouldn’t miss when exploring this beautiful country:

Visiting the European Union

Since you are in the country which is home to the European Union, visiting the EU headquarters is a must. During sessions, you can even attend a parliamentary sitting but check the session dates in advance.

Climbing up the Atomium

Atomium is an iconic monument in Brussels that has already become a symbol of the city and the symbol of modern architecture. This unusual building was designed by André Waterkeyn and completed in 1958. It is constructed in a form of unicell and consists of nine stainless steel spheres connected with each other. The top ones provide the panoramic view of the city.

Trying Belgian chocolate

Even if you are not a huge fan of chocolate you should still try some when in Belgium. It is really delicious and known all over the world. Bringing chocolate from Belgium for family and friends is a must. The majority of Belgian chocolate is hand-made and this is probably the secret of its success. There are a lots of chocolate shops almost on every corner.

Having a look at the Manneken Pis

Manneken Pis is probably the most famous monument in Belgium. It is a statue of the boy urinating in the fountain. Nowadays we observe the copy of the monument confiscated in 1747. There are a lot legends connected with the history of it. The most well-known legend says that during the battle of 1142 the little boy managed to save the whole town. According to it the basket with the boy was hung on a tree and from there he peed on the rivals. This is however only one story from the great variety of those told to the tourists.

Drinking the finest Belgian Beer

Beer is considered to be the most consumed drink in the world. Belgium is one of the major producers of beer in the world. There are more than two hundred breweries scattered throughout the country producing about 450 varieties of beer resulting in boasting off more than 8 000 beer brands. Among the most well-known Belgian beer brands are Kwak, Hoegaarden, de Konick, Gouden Carolus, Chimay and la Chouffe