I shall be going home soon after my Rexy Edventures in New Zealand and Fiji and basically I do not want to stop travelling. Factamundo.

So travel in the UK I must do. There are many modes of transport I could use such as car hire in the UK,campervans, planes or even trains despite my grumblings about rising fare prices.

I love travelling in the UK, particularly when I get to see my friends who I’m absolutely missing at the moment. I have done it before. When I went to Stratford Upon Avon, cottage weekendssuch as the one in Scragglesthorpe. Or perhaps even going toPicturesque Edinburgh!It was all good.

Edinburgh Castle over Edinburgh

But as travelling does to everybody, it makes you think of home in a different light. For me, I couldn’t be more proud of homeafter the success of the Olympics hosted in London and I can’t wait to explore my home country. I mean I haven’t even explored half of it yet!

So where to go I thought to myself while I was travelling on the kiwi bus from Christchurch, where I had awonderful time exploring it. Far too many places to pick but going with my gut instinct I think I know where to go…

1) North Wales – the stomping ground of my fellow blogger, Adventures with Dan, his tales of White Water Tubing there has me salivating for the crazy Welsh Adventures that this place has to offer. Even I want to climb up Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales. Adventurous Kate details this delightful climb. Yes please!

2) Highlands of Scotland – too much to see here so maybe I should just go on a scenic drive and stop off different places on the way. Four Jandals have done this. So much that they offer the top 5 scenic drives there. Yes please!

3) Belfast – The Capital of Northern Island! I’m already invited there by a friend who’s moved there. He’s actually been helping me with my website as he’s probably the best website designer around – check out his page. I’ve been inspired by Neil of Backpacks and Bunkbeds to undertake a Black Taxi Tour there. Yes please!

4) Manchester – I have been there but I haven’t explored it. I’ve only been there for a work conference or attempts to explored has been swindled by drunk mates crashing out before 9pm and I’m the one to take them home or I was actually ill. I’m further inspired by Tom of Waegook Tom’s post on Manchester. I’ll remember not to go to art galleries on a Monday! Yes Please!

5) London – Okay, yes I have been to London before. Many times to be precise but with such a variety of places there are still places I haven’t been to. Travels of Adam tells me 5 reasons why I should go to London. Also, I will be going there shortly after I return home for the World Travel Market 2012. I hope I’ll enjoy it. Reading Toni of Reclaiming My Future’s post on her experience there has me thinking.

So there you have it. Cheers Guys! I’m looking forward to it!