6th October 2012

Bidding bye to Tone who decided to stay to look for work and Daruis who left a couple of days ago we left that day, just the 3 of us – myself, Bente and Danielle. Oh dear, the kiwi experience trip is ending and the numbers are depleting!

After a good climb up Mount Victoria, checking out the nightlife, the humunguous library, and the terrace, I felt like I had a great stay in Wellington despite the horrendously disappointing Lord of the Rings Film Tour. Now it was time to work my way back to Auckland seeing as my flight would be leaving there in a few days time.

It was going to be a long drive to Taupo, where I would be staying overnight. Stopping off at various places to grab some rest breaks, we rocked up at the Taupo Skydive Centre for others who was interested in doing their jumps, like I did last month! Check my jump out below!

By the afternoon, I finally arrived in my accommodation. Taking advantage of having the room to myself, I just simply chilled out reading my book and napped while Bente and Danielle checked out Huka Falls, seeing as they are new to the place.

Other than that, I met up with my cousin who lived here and we had a simple chat before I went to bed early after booking a fantastic tour that will make me forget my Wellington Lord of the Rings tour pale into non-existence! Watch this space!